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Doctor Jenny Connery- Aspen

Dr. Connery has been with Aspen Medical Care since 2011. She is a family medicine physician who provides individualized care to people of all ages in our Aspen & Basalt doctors office..  Dr. Connery listens closely to each patient, tailoring her recommendations with the understanding that there is not a one size fits all approach to wellness.  Her special interests include nutrition, women’s health, and mental health and she strives to help patients achieve balance in their lives.

When not caring for patients, Dr. Connery enjoys spending time outside with her family in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley.

Dr. Jenny Connory MD is a provider of Family Medicine, Reproductive Care, Same Day Care and Travel Consultations in our Aspen or Basalt doctors office. Her broad understanding of diseases that can occur throughout a life span along with a comprehensive knowledge of what constitutes health at any age allows Doctor Connery to provide comprehensive and continuing health care.

Utilizing personalized, evidence-based care to provide a holistic approach to treating patients with the result being promoting health and happiness for their entire life span through the management of chronic medical conditions. Dr. Connery focuses on preventative care which can include health screens, cancer screenings and immunizations.

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